Aus Gov TGA - Advice on Sanitiser Use and COVID19

Appropriate use of hand sanitisers

You should always follow the directions for use located on the label of all hand sanitiser products. For those products regulated by the TGA, the directions for use have been approved based on test data. Homemade hand sanitisers for your own use are not regulated by us. The TGA is unable to endorse the use of homemade products since we cannot confirm their safety, quality and effectiveness.

The Department of Health recommends using soap and water wherever possible, but hand sanitiser where soap and water may not be available. Further tips on good hand hygiene during COVID-19 on the Department of Health website.

It is important to remember that handrubs that are used without water may not work well when hands are visibly dirty, Therefore, handrubs should be used only when hands are visibly clean or when soap and water is not available.

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